Characters in poker

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Is currently the most popular of the France Poker figures are as follows:

Four k representing four kings: David (k of Spades), Charlemagne or Charles VII (King of hearts); Alexander (plum k), Caesar (square k).

· K of Spades is the 10th century BCE Israel King Solomon's father, David. He is good at playing on the harp, and wrote many hymns in the Bible, so the King often harp on the k pattern, the hair is rolled.

· K of hearts was Charlemagne, King of Franks, also known as Charlemagne ((English) Charlemagne), the earliest use chisels in wood craftsman who carved his character, because accidentally pick and slide the upper lip of a moustache. Since then, the Indian King of hearts cards are taking the picture as specimens. Thus, only only there is no bearded King of hearts card, its volume in the hair, sword in the head.

· Square k is Caesar, he is Rome's famous and politicians, after the unification of Rome becomes dictator of Rome. His portrait on coins of the Roman Empire is in profile. Since then, the four King cards in k, only the King of diamonds is in profile, their hair in volume, hand-held Rod bundle (fascist).

· Phillips k Alexander, his clothes were always wearing crosses jewelry, is this plum k King's character, his hair to the outside.