Interlaced shuffling methods

1) hand flat, flat on the back left hand front left of the thumb on the right hand side, index finger against the card back, the remaining three fingers hold the deck in the right end of the card. Right thumb in about half of the entire deck to separate the cards, the remaining three fingers release the following part of the left half of each card.

2) left hand and right hand gestures, arm hand on the desktop, right hand front end maintains a certain distance, interlaced hands down.

3) all the cards came down, hands to push the two parts to the Middle, and repeat the process several times up to suit your needs.

(4): India-shuffle method (from India named after the magician)

Only licensed left hand fingertips, right thumb and middle finger draw partially on both sides of the right, to take it; and slowly release your left finger, so that the upper half falls to the Palm; cards are placed in the upper left hand side right hand again, fingers with his left hand holding; from the selection with the right hand under the left part or from taking part in the middle.