Because The House Of Cards, A Gun And Red Netflix To Enter The Chinese Game, Please?

Foreign media reported that United States streaming video provider Netflix CEO LiDE·hasitingsi (Reed Hastings) on Monday in Munich DLD (digital, life, design) Conference, said Netflix plans to launch streaming video service in China now is making progress in negotiations with the Chinese authorities. But he did not give a specific timetable into China.

Netflix in 1997 made in United States, California, offering movie rentals and streaming business. The House of cards became a hit, let it become hot. By the end of 2015, the company subscribers has more than 74 million people around the world.

In the capital market, Netflix called a stock one of the most popular stocks in the past year. In 2015, Netflix is a poor's 500 best performing stock, cumulative gains of more than 100%.

In January, United States at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Netflix CEO keynote speech at the LiDE·hasitingsi claim that Netflix has extended its services to 130 new countries and regions, including India, and Russia, and Viet Nam, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other countries. This means that Netflix's service has reached more than 190 countries and regions in the world.

"Netflix has essentially taken over the world. "LiDE·hasitingsi said confidently.