Sell Card Sets Are In The Recreation Hall To Open The Casino

Involved in gambling 50,000 yuan sentenced to 8 months

Beijing Morning News (correspondent Yue Yilei) had 6 years ' imprisonment for rape, unrepentant after his release, selling game cards to cash in the recreation Hall, within a short period of time involving gambling more than 50,000 yuan. Recently, Lee tried in the East Court, although Lee is his own surrenders, but think its trivial, does not constitute surrender plot. Finally, the court order Casino crimes sentenced Lee 8 months in prison and fine of 10000 Yuan.

When the 42-year old Lee was brought into court by marshals, expression indifferent, it is his second trial. In 1997, just over 24 years old, Lee was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for rape. According to Prosecutor accused, in 2013, Li with others at a recreation Hall in zhushikou Street, Dongcheng District, the use of "fishing" casinos and gambling money amounting to more than 50,000 yuan, and CANDU toll to more than 20 people. On October 22, 2014, Lee was the dongcheng Public Security Bureau detention, arrested after Casino crimes were East side Court arrest. For the allegations of the prosecution, Lee said there was no objection, would plead guilty in court.

He said he just worked in the recreation Hall of the brothers opened, private recycling gamers to play some cards, and then resold to the next player, "earn a little money to spend." Prosecutors pointed out that, in selling game cards at the same time, Lee collects 10% every profit within a short period of time more than million. Prosecutors said Lee selling game cards, giving some players the opportunity to cash in, at the time of its arrival, CANDU amounted to more than 20 people, gambling more than 50,000 yuan, the equivalent of Lee opened a fixed small casinos.

For arrival after, Lee claimed to be "surrendered". The prosecution pointed out that Lee was indeed own surrenders, but cannot be surrendered to the plot, because its only wager in around 3000 Yuan several times, but in the subsequent investigation, found Lee involved in gambling is much more than that number. After the Court found that Li although active case, but not entirely for the facts of the crime, and trivial and therefore do not constitute surrender plot. Finally, the Court convicted Lee of Casino crimes, sentenced to 8 months and sentenced to a fine of 10000 Yuan.