The World's Oldest Dies At 116 For The Elderly In His Later Years Still To Play Casino Slot Machines

News Agency in San Francisco, June 18 United States a 116 year old woman died at his home in 17th in the Detroit suburbs, she is considered to be the world's oldest man.

United States media reported on the 18th, teacher Lynn Tully 17th British near Custer died peacefully at home in Detroit, her 77-year old daughter xierma·huoluowei to accompany her through life's final journey.
Hilma told the media, mother until May 23 at a local church to celebrate 116 years old, recently hospitalized for lung water a week returned home on Sunday.
Tully was born in 1899 in Montrose, Georgia, has 12 brothers and sisters at home. Her husband died in 1988 at the age of 95.
Hilma said his mother remained active in his later years, such as clothing, quilts, casino slot machines, and so on. She also caught 7 fish at age 114.
Relatives said Tully's lives is generous kindness.
United States a geriatric research organization that, according to available records, Tully is the world's oldest man. In addition, Brooklyn, New York there is a longevity sushanna·qiongsi, she will be 116 years old next month.