Yanji Airport, A Man Dressed As The Driver Pick Up Invited To Play Poker Cheat Money

Police, 3 suspect lied about winning meal or fare, bringing victims to rental housing, and took out a pair of passive poker hands and feet in advance. No matter how, victims are lost during the course of play, the suspects continued stimulus money, but also took 20,000 yuan to lure Kim, said that once won the money to him. No chengxiang, Kim will not only fail to win any money, will also own all 4.2 million South Korean won lost the suspects.

After investigations, the police finally locked in the regular activities of the Yanji airport warnings and pan, after 3 days of continuous squat, December 19, 2015, at 13 o'clock, crossing at the airport will be ready to commit the crime of yin and the Pan captured on the spot. Identified, the gang committed using Poker premeditated fraud suspect Kim confessed the crime to fraud victims.

On January 5, 2016, Xiao Ying Yanji City Public Security Bureau police station held back the spoils Conference, returned to the victim 22680 Yuan. Kim swindle money back very excited thanks again and again to the police.

Another suspect in the case Dong Mou is to catch them.